McLaren Formula 1 – The ultimate F1 summer holiday quiz

For F1 folk, the summer break is the one time of the year to genuinely escape Formula 1. With the factories on mandatory shutdown, when even opening an email is forbidden, it’s an opportunity to properly switch off and forget about degradation, downforce and driving.

Thing is, if you’re an F1 fan, it’s literally the worst time of the year: no racing, no stories, no gossip, nothing – just a barren, four-week-long wasteland until – mercifully – the Belgian Grand Prix kicks off on August 25.

In our opinion, there are two ways to play the F1 summer break: do what the professionals do, and just switch off from Formula 1 for the entire month of August; alternatively, cling to the belief that you can’t live without grand prix racing and pack your life with as many substitutes until you can resume your fix at the end of the month.

How do you play it? Take our summer break quiz to find out…

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