McLaren Formula 1 – Singapore Track Tips and Circuit Stats

Distance to Turn One, Lap records, and tips for our gaming community… check out track guide for your F1 tech lowdown. 

  Information Stats
  Track length  5.065km/3.148 miles (13th longest track of the year – longest: Spa-Francorchamps, shortest: Monaco)
  2016 pole position  Nico Rosberg, 1m42.584s
  2016 fastest lap  Daniel Ricciardo, 1m47.187s (lap 49)
  Lap record 1:47.187s (Daniel Ricciardo, 2016)
  Distance to Turn One  200m/0.124 miles (longest of season: Barcelona 730m/0.454 miles)
  Longest straight  832m/0.517 miles, on the approach to Turn Seven (longest of the season: Baku, 2.1km/1.305 miles)
  Top speed 305km/h/190mph, on the approach to Turn One (fastest of season: Monza, 360km/h/224mph)
  Full throttle 47 per cent (highest of the season: Monza, 75 per cent). The longest period of uninterrupted full throttle is just 9s
  Fuel consumption  1.9kg per lap, which is relatively high and comes as a result of the stop-start nature of the track
  ERS demands  Medium. There are lots of demands on the ERS, but plenty of opportunities to harvest energy under braking
  Gear changes  80 per lap/4,880 per race – the highest of the season


Engineering challenge?

Engineers refer to the Marina Bay Circuit as a more extreme version of Monaco because it’s longer, bumpier and hotter than the tortuous streets of the Principality.

How to tell when a driver’s really on it

There are very few long corners. Most are a maximum of 90 degrees, which allows the drivers to be very aggressive with their steering inputs. But the most obvious way to tell when a driver’s on it is how close to the walls they go at corner entry and exit.

Trickiest bits for the driver

The exit of Turn Five and the entry to Turn Seven. Both parts of the track are particularly bumpy and it’s easy to make a mistake. It’s important to get the power down cleanly out of Turn Five because the longest straight on the lap follows – all nine seconds of full throttle.

Car set-up

Maximum downforce to generate grip and soft suspension to improve the ride over the bumps and kerbs.

Grip levels

Low. The Marina Bay Circuit is used only once a year and, being a street track, it’s very dirty and slippery when practice gets underway on Friday afternoon. Lap times improve rapidly as rubber goes down, but rain showers wash the asphalt clean on a regular basis.

Tyre choice

Purple Ultrasoft, red Supersoft and yellow Soft – the seventh time this combination has been used in 2017.  

Brake wear

High. There are 16 braking events around the lap and few straights along which to cool the brakes.

Tips if you’re a gamer

This is one of the most demanding laps of the season. The bumps mean it’s easy to make a mistake and you need to use every inch of track. There are more corners than anywhere else on the calendar and it’s been known for drivers to forget their whereabouts on the lap when talking to their engineers on the radio. As a rule, if you’ve just turned right, then you’re about to turn left.

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