McLaren Formula 1 – Singapore GP Travel Guide

City: Singapore

Time zone: BST +7 / CET +6

Population: 4.5 million

How far?

Singapore is 6,820 miles (10,976km) from the McLaren Technology Centre.

Getting there

The sea freight, which includes a lot of garage equipment, arrived at the Marina Bay Circuit last week and the air freight arrived over the weekend. The mechanics arrived on Monday, with the engineers, management and drivers touching down later in the week.

Biggest travel headache?

Singapore is one of the easier long-haul races. It’s simple to get there because Changi Airport is one of the biggest travel hubs in the world and no visas are required for team members. Added to that, no hire cars are needed because the Conrad hotel, where the team has stayed since the race was introduced on the calendar in 2008, is just a 10-minute walk from the F1 paddock.

@svandoorne settles into the Conrad Centennial Singapore before the track action kicks off

Surprising fact

Singapore is one of only three city-states in the world, the others being Monaco and Vatican City.

Local speciality

There are many culinary delights in Singapore, one of which is carrot cake. However, this hawker staple is neither a cake nor made of carrot. It’s a white radish omelette, in which a gnocchi-like dough made from grated turnip, rice and tapioca flour is stir-fried with scrambled eggs and lots of garlic. Travel writers have described it as Singapore’s answer to a kebab, but no-one seems able to shed light on why it’s called carrot cake.

When in Rome…

There are lots of things to see and do while you wait for the track action to start. The Singapore Flyer is situated next to the F1 paddock and provides a fabulous view of the Marina Bay Circuit from its highest vantage point of 165 metres (541 feet). Or you could head to Singapore’s spectacular Botanic Gardens and marvel at the 1,000 different orchid species on display.


Hot and humid. Temperatures hover around 30 degrees in the day, with 80 per cent humidity. Thunderstorms occur regularly, but there has yet to be a wet Singapore Grand Prix.

Top tips from our local Hilton Concierge

Your inside information on Singapore, brought to you by our partner, Hilton. 

What is your top tip for people visiting Singapore?
My top tip would be to visit the fountain of wealth and wish for good health and fortune. The water fountain is the largest in the world with music and laser shows taking place at various times during the day. It really is spectacle worth seeing!

What is the must have souvenir to take away with you and where can you get it?
Kaya from Ya Kun. This is a coconut jam – perfect for spreading on top of any desserts!

Where would you see the best view of Singapore?
The best view of the city has to be from the Singapore Flyer which is located near the race circuit pit buildings. You can book a private pod and enjoy the spectacular scenery by day or night with a glass of champagne!

Which location sums up the Singapore lifestyle best? 
Not one location can sum up the Singapore lifestyle as it is such a diverse city! If I were to choose a few areas I would say Clarke Quay for its nightlife. Waterloo Street, to show the diversity with various religious venues (church, synagogue, mosque, Indian temple and Chinese temple) and Changi Village for rustic food enjoyed by locals.

Describe Singapore in 3 words.
Diverse, vibrant and charismatic.

Singapore GP Preview

Singapore GP Preview

Heading into the night for Round 14

Logitech G quali finals: IFA 2017

Logitech G championship finals

Who was fast enough to qualify for the WFG grand finale?

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