McLaren Formula 1 – Logitech G quali finals: IFA 2017

After finding the wildcard entry, the Logitech G Championship Final was ready to take place.

Five gamers from the UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany raced at three circuits: Spa, Monza, and Barcelona. Points were awarded at each track, and the gamer with the highest number of points at the end is crowned the IFA’s eSport champion.

This then earns their place in the World’s Fastest Gamer grand finale, to compete for the best prize in esports.

Watch to find out who took the top spot…

Logitech G quali event: IFA 2017

Logitech G quali: IFA 2017

Watch as gamers take to the wheel to compete for the Logitech G Championship Final

World's Fastest Gamer: Explain the Game

Explain the Game

Step inside the 8-bit world and explore our all-new mega competition

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