McLaren Formula 1 – Italian GP Race Ready Facts

Laps: 53 laps
Start time: 14:00hrs local / 13:00hrs BST 

Grid advantage

Monza is used for racing throughout the year, so the track is clean and there’s less of a grid advantage than at some tracks. But the racing line – and pole position – is on the outside of the track, so it’s likely to be slightly cleaner.


There are two DRS zones, on the approaches to Turns One and Eight.

Don’t put the kettle on…

Mercedes were the only points-scoring team to complete last year’s race with one pitstop. Their drivers made their only visits to the pits at half distance. The stop-stop runners changed tyres, typically, on laps 16 and 33, but with this year’s harder tyre compounds, a one-stop strategy is expected to be within reach of most cars.

Pitlane length/Pitstops

420m/0.261 miles (longest of the season: Silverstone, 457m/0.283 miles). A pitstop takes 21s, but the time loss to those on-track is the biggest of the season because they are travelling at 370km/h/205mph, while those in the pitlane are either limited to 80km/h/50mph or are stationary.

Safety car

45 per cent, which is low.

Watch out for…

Turn 11, the Parabolica. It’s a 180-degree right-hander that eases towards the exit and it’s crucial for the drivers to get back on the power early because the longest straight on the lap follows.

What makes this race interesting…

The heady mix of ancient and modern, and the passionate Italian fans. The old banking is visible from many vantage points around the lap and the fans, while largely supporting Ferrari, are fanatical about F1 and show their appreciation for every team on the grid.

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