Recently we announced that mobile app Gear.Club has become the latest qualifying platform for World’s Fastest Gamer. Qualifying is now open, so here’s a handy little guide to get you started: 


All players compete using the same car – with no power-ups, no rewinds and no upgrades. 

The contest takes place over three tracks in three settings: Mediterranean, Desert and Greenlands. 

Players are able to return to the tracks in a bid to improve their times for three weeks between July 27 and August 17.

Best compound time across the three races wins. 

Top 1000 players receive digital cars and soft currency packs proportionate to their final rankings.

Entry requirements

Finish the Tutorial section of Gear.Club first, driving the McLaren 570S.

Entry price is 50 gold (in-game soft-currency), which can be earned within one single play-session. 

So what are you waiting for? The Gear.Club app can be downloaded here:

Game on.

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